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2013 - 14

December Youth All City - December 7th - 8th & 14th 2013





February 9th 10th & 16th   2013

Myles Knudson Poster    Entry forms   Results


March 2nd 3rd & 9th  2013

Mother Daughter Father Son Entry Form    Results


March 16th - 17th  2013

Arlene Giese Youth Scholarship Tournament Poster with added scholarship money    Results


May 11th 2013

Free 2013 Perfect Attendance has been Cancelled

Due to lack of Weekends Available

We may consider a week day for the tournament

Please check with the center on changes

Pending based on interest

Being it is so late in the season

Thanks to all for the Great Winter Season!

Flying Bee

Free*  Ten Spot Lanes Perfect Attendance Scholarship Tournament

*Details must have perfect attendance in youth league you bowl in for Free Entry!

Perfect Attendance Poster    Results








February  11th - 12th - 18th   2012

Myles Knutson Entry Forms   Myles Knutson Poster  Results

to print forms click on browser file and then print

April 14th & 15th 2012

Ten Spot Lanes Youth Scholarship Poster   Entry Forms  Results


May 12th 2012

Perfect attendance w/Special ability division Scholarship Poster    Entry Forms    Recaps      Results








May          21st - 22nd   2011

Ten Spot Lanes Perfect Attendance Scholarship   Poster    Entry Form   Recap Sheet 

Results of Perfect Attendance Scholarship 

March       19th - 20th  2011

Ten Spot Lanes Scholarship Entry Form 2011

Results Ten Spot Scholarship

March       5-6 & 12-13 2011

Mother Daughter Father Son Entry Forms 

Results Mother Daughter Father Son

February    12-13-19     2011

Myles Knudson 2011 Scholarship Rules and Entry  Entry forms only

Results of 2011 Myles





December                       2010

Youth City tournament was switched to Dec association conflicts

April           17th - 18th  2010      

Ten Spot Lanes  Scholarship Entry 2010    

Results of  Scholarship 2010

March          8th - 9th    2010

Entry forms City Tournament

09-10 Results

January       31st           2010

Myles Knudson 2010 Entry 

Results of Myles Knudson 2010